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financial help needed

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financial help needed: I wish I had financial assistance so that I can carry out the projects I have in mind

I wish I had financial assistance so that I can carry out the projects I have in mind to help my family and even the poor too in my society
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financial help needed: Please help by donating sharing or both :

Please help by donating sharing or both :
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i am a mother of a two year old and am currently single. After a recent separation with the father of my child i am left with multiple months of unpaid bills that i am trying to catch up on. I am currently a full time college student of 3 years now trying to become a registered nurse to overcome poverty. I am also looking for a part time job but in this economy i am having complications with a job that works around my schooling.
Im not one to free load, as i am still struggling. But my family is no better of a financial situation. They try to help as much as possible but it is often not enough to cover my housing, electricity, water, gas, car insurance ect.. With that being said about a month ago my car started giving me trouble, (stalling, randomly kills, check engine light, brakes, power steering fluid leak, no a/c) and i have no money to get a mechanic to check it out. I also cant afford auto insurance. This puts me at risk for trouble with the law enforcement. Without my car i have no way to commute back and forth to school or to look for a job. This leaves me with no way to better myself and become self sufficient. I want to overcome this struggle and give my son a better life. If you could please give me any sort of assistance whether it be support or pointing me in the direction of a charity or organization that may be able to help it would be greatly appreciated.
May God Bless you.
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jshank   in reply to jshank5   on

About jshank5

please help me i am relocating to the Houston area and need financial assistance getting there .my unemployment was denied and have work there waiting for me. any help will be appreciated. My credit is not greatest so its hard to borrow money
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rose bud  

financial help needed: I need money to help me find a job. I'm tired of leaning on my family while waiting for

I need money to help me find a job. I'm tired of leaning on my family while waiting for a call back. Its time for me to get out there and try harder. to do this i need some financial help. please help me out.
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Candi H   in reply to Candi H   on

Candi H

Hi, sorry this is a bit off topic, but my grandad passed away recently and I'm trying to raise enough money to have a funeral for him. If you could just look at the link and maybe share the link on your fb and encourage others to do the same, I might be able to do this one last thing for him. He was the only family I have left, and I was his. I appreciate it ♥ https://www.giveforward.c...
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We Need a Loan (we have bad credit)

This is what I am seeking....
We are looking for help to pay our property taxes which are $1713.00 for 2011, also funds to cover our bills for a month to get us caught up and also a reliable vehicle with good gas mileage. Looking for funds of $2800.00 cash without adding in a vehicle.
I am on SSDI and my fiance' is currently looking for employment and we cannot afford to pay this entire amount now at one time. We are searching for a loan and can repay it with payments of $100.00 a month and hopefully pay even more once he starts work in the next couple weeks. We are on a "Contract for Deed" and will be in default of the contract if this is not paid in full now. We were just making it by with my SSDI and his work and couldn't seem to put away any extra for the taxes, (which we always have b4) but with a new tax law in our area the taxes doubled and we fell behind. We have worked hard and gone without a lot so we could purchase our property. But with our bad credit we do not qualify for loans to get help. We also are in need of 2 vehicles, I am stuck at home all the time and I want to go look for part time work but I cannot. My fiance' has an old 1989 Chrysler new yorker, which is on its last leg and its just about broken(if yah know what I mean).
If anyone knows of a honest, kind soul willing to help, a peer to per lender or of anything to help us out with a loan it will be greatly appreciated and the loan will be paid with interest added also. Thanks for your help and God Bless U All.
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grandmother in need of financial assistance

in need of financial assistance to relocate
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Financial Help needed

Other than being disabled, married and having children and several grandchildren financial assistance is needed. I have already received several scam offers from hear, and hope I do not receive any more.


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America is Not Generous To Americans

What happened to the generous, wonderful country we once had? Churches and private philanthropic groups all turned me away. I'm no longer worried about myself, I am now homeless, living in the woods in a canvas cabin tent. I have 2 sacks of food, a coleman Camp Stove. My 1996 Ford Windstar that's ready to die. I have an 8th of a tank of gas and 43 cents in my pocket! Here's my worry. If a guy with all my problems can't get help from any one. Then who can get it? I told them the absolute truth. Not 1 dollar did I raise. I had an offer from a little church near me of 150.00. But the catch was I had to raise the rest or he would not give it to me. He was a good guy, he tried to help.he even talked to other pastors at the large high faluting rich snb churches. Not a dime. Well I'm gonna look like a mountain man

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About ready2smileagain

Hello I am  a 30 yr old disabled single mother  of four. I have quite a few health and mental health issues which include,morbid obesity,uncontrolled diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, asthma, arhitus in  my  back and  hips, Ibs and bi-polar disorder. I also have bad teeth. My teeth are constantly chipping, breaking and rottening. A few  years back I  had my front teeth pulled and  a partial placed. Since then  the teeth I  had  left have all chipped and  broken off  to the point where all u  see is  he  rotted base of the tooth and  the gum. Now my partial is way too big and has  nothing to clamp hold of to stay in  place. As  if  this isnt enough I am constantly getting  abcesses,so I'm always in  exreme pain and  I  keep infections from the poisons in my  system. I am on  SSI and  recieve 4 a monthly for support of  myself  and  my  children. I  have  had estimates and  the cheapest Ive  had  was  for 00.00. Thats to cover  Oral  surgery to remove  my  teeth and new dentures.

This  is an  extremly  serious  issue for me. I  used to have  such  great self  confidence and love to laugh and  smile. Now I  put my  hand over  my  face  or  give  the  fake grin. I'm  self consious now  and afraid to meet new  people because  I dont feel  like  myself  anymore. I  don't even like to attend functions at my kids schools,fearing that I embarrass them.I dont like being in public, cause people stare. But more importantly my teeth are lierally keeping me  sick. I have exhausted  all  of  my resources and  have no  idea  where to turn and  what to do. I  live in  a  small town in Northeast Mississippi and am wondering  does  anyone  have any suggesions  for me..I'm way to young for alot of  the health  problems that I  have and Im  working on getting better.All thats  left for  me to work on  is  my mouth. I want to be able to have a social life again, I  want to be able to eat other than mashed  foods, I don't want to embarrass my kids, and most of  all take  back my life. I AM SO READY TO SMILE AGAIN.


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About exmrsw

can anyone out there help me? I am in desperate need right now. I have finally broken free from an abusive relationship which will se a lengthy court case in march of this year.

I feel that i need to rebuild my life however, he has defrauded my bank account to the tune of twelve thousand pounds and as a result, we are going to be made homeless on the 3rd of february if i dont get money and pay off my rent arrears of £2500 before then. Due to this, I have no funds to find somewhere else to live and cant get a loan as my credit rating is severely damaged.

My health is suffering ang i am desperately scared of losing my children. Is there anyone out there that can help and either loan or donate funds to me to enable us to keep our home? I have been contacted by a number of people from nigeria but have lost alot of money before with these a they want money sent to them but dont release said funds to the borrower.


If anyone can help, donations can be made via paypal email adress is or email me personally many thanks 


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About inneed10

I need help finding funds to help me and my 3 children move by the end of the month. I have been out of work for 3 years due to major kidney surgries, and have since been evicted from my home. I have a month to find a place, which I have done, I just need some help getting a down payment together. I have found a job, and if I work full time I can pay the bills at this new place...any ideas?

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Aidpage group discussing "financial help needed"...

 in response to Christine616...   Your welcome Christine616!!!!
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Aidpage group discussing "financial help needed"...

 in response to Starshine...   Thank you Starshine!
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Aidpage group discussing "financial help needed"...

 in response to Christine616...   I will tell you Happy Birthday early gal
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Aidpage group discussing "financial help needed"...

You can say "Happy Birthday" that day too if you'd like

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Aidpage group discussing "financial help needed"...

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Aidpage group discussing "financial help needed"...

 in response to wonderwoman2310...   Thank you and I hope you do too.
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Aidpage group discussing "financial help needed"...

I hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving.

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